The Environment

At Oak Tree Farm we pride ourselves on our efforts to become environmentally sustainable and care for our environment. We have installed a Solar Thermal system which provides all our hot water while our electricity is produced by our solar panel array. In addition we have a biological septic tank which produces clean water. We are currently exploring the possibility of installing an air source heat pump to provide at least some of our heat needs.

We recycle as much of our waste as we can and encourage our guests to leave recyclables separately for collection in their rooms. 

In the last year following the shocking revelations about plastics in our oceans, bottled water has been replaced with reusable glass bottles of water.

To help wildlife on the farm we have planted hundreds of metres of mixed native hedging which is becoming a haven for the abundant bird life which live on and around the farm. We have also planted a wildflower meadow which is a magnet for insects and butterflies. There is a new swarm recently arrived in our natural beehive which allows the bees to do what bees do without human interference.